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Why We Must Fight!

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Porter, Darrell C. (Author)
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Why We Must Fight! answers the question more ...
Why We Must Fight! answers the question many Christians have been afraid to ask out loud. Or have never found a clear answer. In simple language it presents biblical mandates that direct the Christian to grab hold of what God has given you. As you explore God's purpose for spiritual warfare and His power to perform, you will also: See God's promises to those who fight. Be awed by the divine authority of the Christian over sin, Satan and the wickedness of the world. Gain better understanding of the superiority of God's weapons of war Discover how courage before God can determine your outcome before God Learn the things that assure the believer of spiritual victory again and again Discover your own most valuable possession for which you must always fight Delve deeper into the many reasons why Christians must fight Obtain key points about spiritual warfare, and never let them go. Why We Must Fight! is solidly written. Page after page reveals spiritual truths and clear answers that strengthen the Christian and increases their confidence in God. Starting with a view of the spiritual battlefield, on to the Bible's depiction of a Godly soldier all the way through to that holy victory that overcomes the world, this book unveils why the Christian believer must make their stand for Christ and fight the good fight of faith. Clearly described are the spiritual weapons from God's Word, that enable the believer to overcome evil. Darrell Porter, an itinerate evangelist and former pastor, has conducted seminars on spiritual warfare across the U.S. for over 30 years. His life has been lived by what he writes. He knows from experience that for the Christian to be effective in their faith, they must stand up and fight.
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