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Huh, Sonia (Author)
  • RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Growth
  • SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
  • SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Self-Esteem
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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What have we become with our free-will? more ...
What have we become with our free-will? What have we done with our free-will? Let's have an open, respectful conversation about this God that we have tossed out of our lives, schools and society in general. We want to make sure that our decision about believing in and not believing in God is an individual one, not one influenced by others, the crowd, the trends we follow, or out of fear. When we say that He does not exist, that He is not real, that we should take Him out of the equation, destroy everything that has His name on it, especially the name of Jesus, we want to make sure that we are on the right track. We want to make sure that when we say worshipping other deities, practicing Satanism, creating cults are the best for our free-will, and that keeping Jesus and the Holy Spirit out are truly the right decision to make. So, let's get thinking together, let's talk about this. The divide between good and evil has become stronger and more permanent. We have to know where we stand, what we stand for and why. Pain, anger, depression, rape, murder, self-idolatry, self-aggrandizement, stigma, prejudice, trauma, hate, to name a few, are prevalent in our societies. Our pain and fears lead us to do the unthinkable. We dive into things, actions and activities we cannot even begin to comprehend. We conjure up things we cannot handle. What are we becoming? We appear to chase evil, to chase things that will harm us and harm others. I believe that we need power beyond, and power far greater than our humanity to survive and withstand the evil that is sucking the love, joy, peace and kindness out of us. Evil is getting stronger, bolder and more ruthless, and it is using us, humanity against humanity, to destroy each other. Dunamis declares a power that can and will conquer this evil. We can choose to ignore this declaration, or we can embrace it, the choice is always ours to make. Remember, a day of reckoning will come; death will come, where will you be found, how will you be found and what will you be found doing? Exuding divinity or evil? Dunamis declares that there is untapped, uncommon power within us, and this power is readily available to us, but does not and will not force itself on us. The choice is, and will always be, ours. My appeal to us, for our own individual sakes, is that whatever we decide to do with our free-will, let it take us down the right path, not the popular path, but the path that leads to life.
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