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Religion Makes One "Powerless"; Kingdom Makes One "Powerful!": Moving From Religion to Kingdom!

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Conner, Apostle Larry J. (Author)
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How do you define true power? Do you fee more ...
How do you define true power? Do you feel that power and peace are found by practicing the rules and rituals of a specific religion? If so, how might you explain the emotional roller coasters and tribulations that still grip you in the middle of the hard storms of life? Perhaps, instead of dedicating yourself to living with "religion," you might find the power missing in your life when you choose to live in "Kingdom?" Other books place their focus on religion, but author Apostle Larry J. Conner's empowering spiritual treatise, Religion Makes One "Powerless"; Kingdom Makes One "Powerful!" Moving From Religion to Kingdom!, focuses on pure Kingdom. What kingdom? The only true one there is: God's kingdom! In God's kingdom, we are all powerful and loved. On His earthly ministry, Jesus shared His game-changing message that there is only one, true standard for everyone: the gospel of the kingdom of Heaven and God. Jesus taught His disciples and apostles to preach and spread that same message. As God's emissaries, we are expected and tasked to continue preaching and passing this message along in our modern age as well. The message of the Bible was to teach the world about the gospel of the kingdom of Heaven and God. In his ambitious and revelatory work, Apostle Conner seeks to open both readers' eyes and the door of knowledge to this beautiful kingdom, that we may all live inside true power, and make a promise to share it with the whole world. Apostle Larry J. Conner is the Founder/Presiding Prelate of Victory Unto Victory Revivals, Inc., (VUVR). He's a retired United States army veteran, husband, and father. His enjoyments include preaching/teaching the Kingdom of God, writing, running, and spending quality time with family. Larry has earned an associate degree from Northwestern State University and a Bachelor and Master's degree from Cameron University. Larry also has earned an honorary Doctorate in Foreign Mission in Nigeria, West Africa. : Larry and his wife, Chandra reside in Conroe, TX. For preaching/teaching engagements, you can contact Larry at 713-299-2024, his website: or
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