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Stoll, Sharon (Author)
FICTION / Christian / General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Martin had a secret. It was a secret he more ...
Martin had a secret. It was a secret he promised to keep until he died. As death approached, he met Sarah. The Secret Place is an account of the spiritual journey of two people who knew God's word. But the deep valley they traveled together changed them both forever. Sarah made a promise to Martin to tell his story after he passed away. Martin shared with her the role he played in the political history of the White House. It was veiled and out of sequence as if he were trying to still keep his deep secret and promise. But, in the end, he wanted it known. "You're a smart woman, Sarah. You'll figure it out. Please tell my story." It was much deeper spiritually than it was politically. Sarah kept her promise. In doing so, she realized they both will always dwell in the secret place. Sharon Stoll was a teacher and educational counselor for twenty-five years. She taught in public, and private Christian schools. She earned a B.A. in Communications and Education and an M.A. in Educational and Vocational Counseling. Sharon's real passion is to continue consulting in the arena of educational reform. American education is facing a great dilemma. It is due to the radical change in teaching methods related to reading that has caused plummeting scores since the 1960's. Her main goal is to give all people the ability to read The Word of God so they can make their own choice through knowledge and faith. Other Works: Smart Phonics - a remedial reading program both in booklet and C.D. form. It has shown amazing comprehension gains in a short period of time. Moving Toward the Light - a book about the prevention of suicide and the recovery process of those left behind.
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