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Got Contentment?

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Smith, Joan B. (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General
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We live in a dangerous world, with the d more ...
We live in a dangerous world, with the daily threat of harm. Depression and suicide are at an all-time high, despite the fact that everything we could possibly want is at our fingertips. We're bombarded with empty promises of contentment if we'll just do some things, or have some things. But it's obvious from observing high profile celebrities who seem to have it all, the temporary things of this world will never satisfy. God is the only true Source of contentment. Whether we realize it or not, we are all striving for contentment one way or another. Most of the time though, we have our lives set on "cruise control," and don't stop long enough to evaluate where we are headed. We just hope we'll end up with a contented life. Is it really possible to live a contented life in our "pressure cooker" world? Jesus says it is not only possible, but He also maps out the way to get there in The Beatitudes. In this teaching, Jesus lays out the stepping stones to the treasure of contentment. Got Contentment? Thirty Days To A More Contented Life helps uncover the hidden treasure of this important teaching of Jesus. By examining this treasure, one nugget at a time each day, you'll discover for yourself the only true pathway to contentment! Joan Smith has served as Teaching Director for an interdenominational Bible Study for 13 years. She has also organized and led conferences around the country, speaking in both small and large group settings. Joan is a Certified Personality Trainer (CPT), and founder of TraitMarks, a business committed to helping people discover their personality traits to improve relationships. She lives in Northwest Atlanta with her husband Dean, and has three children.
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