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Glaub, Garry (Author)
RELIGION / Spirituality
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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An in depth, verse-by-verse commentary o more ...
An in depth, verse-by-verse commentary on the Book of Isaiah, Chapters 1-23. Though these Old Testament prophecies were made over 2,500 years ago, many have come to fruition. Others are being unveiled right before our eyes. Still others are yet to come true, but we know God's promises always will come true. It's easy to see the demise of ancient Israel, when its people ceased to honor the Lord. This should give Americans a wake-up call, as this country also has ceased to honor Him. If He judged His chosen people, will He be more lenient with us? Volumes II and III available in 2008! Garry Glaub is a tennis professional living in Laguna Beach, California. He spent most of his adult life running away from the Lord, and is astounded at the Lord's grace in his life. Having had a great debt forgiven, his love for the Lord has changed every aspect of his life. Garry is thankful to his friends and family, who continued to pray for his salvation for many years. He never will underestimate the power of prayer. He spends his free time studying God's Holy Word. Garry wants all of you to know that same forgiveness. It is only a prayer away!
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