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Revelation Simplified

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Holland, Carl E. (Author)
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The book of Revelation has been Carl Hol more ...
The book of Revelation has been Carl Holland's passion for the past forty-three years. When he first started studying it, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and Dr. John Walvoord of Dallas Theological Seminary were among his favorite authors. Since then he has added volumes to his library; some critical commentaries like the ones by Joseph Seiss and J. Dwight Pentecost, others less technical studies. To date he has studied more than twenty-seven volumes of material from other writers; with some of them he agreed and with others he did not. In addition to studying this book for most of his adult life, he has been teaching it almost as many years, having taught big groups and small groups, from Charismatic to traditional denominational churches. When pastoring York Assembly of God, in Yorktown, Virginia for more than sixteen years, he taught it to his congregation for more than a year. Having a tremendous love for the Bible, Carl has had that passion since he was a little boy who used to put his Sunday School lesson on top of the family clothes hamper and teach his brother and sister; she has now gone on to be with the Lord. Carl teaches this book to anyone who will listen, whenever and wherever he can. Having spent twenty years in broadcast journalism before becoming a pastor, he saw the book of Revelation as a commentary on world events. It still holds that lofty position in his thinking, even more so as these events are rapidly approaching. Carl Holland now resides in Gloucester County, Virginia, with his wife of forty-four years, and his beloved Rottweiler, "Paul's Troubleshooter, Titus." He has two adult children, both of whom are involved in full-time ministry.
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