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The Plowboy

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Williams, Jr. (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General
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The Plowboy: Words of Faith and Encoura more ...
The Plowboy: Words of Faith and Encouragement Do you seek to gain wisdom? Do you strive for a personal philosophy of life? Do you aspire to achieve greatness? If so, then you are not alone. Many people seek for wisdom as well as knowledge. Many people strive for a philosophy of life in order to better understand their existence. Many people aspire to greatness and to leave a lasting legacy. "Stay away from a wisdom that will not let you laugh, a philosophy that will not let you cry, and a greatness that will not let you bow before little children." These life-altering words from Patrick Martin Williams, Jr. (1898-1988) are engraved on his headstone in Kentucky. Do you want to have life and to have it more abundantly? In William's enlightening book, The Plowboy: Words of Faith and Encouragement, the author explores the Holy Bible and God's plan for mankind. Williams expounds Jesus' life, sacrifice, and offer of salvation. The Great Goal: Supremacy of the Bible and a Christ-centered program. The Great Theme: With Jesus we will live, but without him we will die. The Great Slogan: The pure in heart that pray together, around the world, shall stay together forever in that world without end. Throughout the book, Williams' themes reinforce the ideal of peace and safety for all mankind. He develops his compelling guide for a better life by blending scriptures, anecdotes from childhood, his original poetry, and country humor. Patrick Martin Williams, Jr. was a thinker. His studies included theology, philosophy, history, and business. However, he was also a doer. Williams graduated high school, completed business school, retired from L & N Railroad Company, and participated in the Masonic Lodge. He also labored fervently to help save the lost and strengthen the saved.
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