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The Resurrection Life Study Bible

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Garcia, Vince (Author)
RELIGION / Spirituality
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Have you ever found the New Testament di more ...
Have you ever found the New Testament difficult to understand? Do you appreciate the King James Bible, but struggle with some of its archaic English? Have you ever wished you understood what Paul was really saying? The Resurrection Life Study BibleTM is a unique Bible structured in two different parallel formats: First, as a traditional King James New Testament with detailed study notes. Secondly, as an easy-to-read paraphrase amplifying the text to bring out its cultural and historical background, helping the student gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures in a natural, free-flowing manner that clarifies hosts of difficult-to-understand verses such as Matthew 12:27. KJV: And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. Paraphrase: And if my power comes from Beelzebub, where does your (Pharisee movement's) power come from? (In other words, when is the last time any of you cast out a demon by God's power? The answer is, of course, that you can't cast demons out at all!) So these fleeing demons are showing who really is, and is not, of God! Written from an evangelical perspective cutting across denominational lines while retaining a balanced acknowledgement of the Jewish background of the New Testament, also included are: An article explaining who and what the two competing groups of Pharisees were, and their influence over events in the Gospels and Acts. An article explaining how the Law worked differently for Jews and Gentiles. The ultimate article on the Unforgivable Sin. An article answering typical Jewish objections to Christian beliefs. An article on what the devil is capable of doing. So whether one is Catholic, Protestant, or Messianic, student or theologian, there is a wealth of information in this unique version of the New Testament.
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