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The History of Redemption

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Mahusay, Nancy (Author)
RELIGION / Spirituality
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Based on a Bible Study course taught by more ...
Based on a Bible Study course taught by Dr. Mahusay, this book gives the student an overview of the entire Old Testament. Written conversationally, it views the Scriptures of the Old Testament from the perspective of tracing God's promise of redemption from His first utterance of it in Eden, until the fulfillment of it in the Incarnation of the Messiah, Christ Jesus. The unity of the message of the Bible is clearly presented. After completing this study, the reader should have a grasp of the unified message of the Old Testament, and be able to place familiar events and quotations from the Old Testament in their proper context. The material is adapted to a twenty-four session intensive Bible Study with groups or individuals. With insight and skill, the author has created an actual compendium of the Old Testament which unifies and brings new clarity to this foundational part of Holy Scripture. This is accomplished by an extensive use of the Word and her deep grasp of its true meaning. - A. Dale Ihrie, Th. D., Ph. D. Dr. Nancy Mahusay is a clinical psychologist and Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She and her psychiatrist husband practiced together for years, during which time she also conducted seminars in psychiatry and taught psychology and gerontology. After her husband's death in 1999, she returned to her first love, teaching Bible, which she continues to do. Dr. Mahusay lives in Southwest Florida, where her five children and ten grandchildren also live. She misses Vermont, where she lived until 1979.
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