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The Burning Bush 2007

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Gorham, Jewel (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Who is JP? Jewel-Pearl Gorham, native of more ...
Who is JP? Jewel-Pearl Gorham, native of Washington, D.C., single parent of a lovely daughter and an entrepreneur by blood, has owned three businesses and was recognized by the Anacostia Museum as the "Youngest Business Owner" East of the River, Southeast. Founder of "The Young Esther Foundation", an exciting new venture that was birthed along with this book, JP desires to help teenage girls transform their lifestyles into shining examples, like Esther was for the Jews. JP is dedicated to serving the Lord. Since 2005, she has been a member of The Temple of Praise Church in Washington, DC. Jewel has worked for some of the greatest, most respected pastors in her community. As a child, Jewel dreamed of being a nurse and cared deeply for seniors, youth, homeless, and most importantly her family. She enjoys music, movies, reading and spending time with her daughter and godchildren. JP challenges anyone with a testimony of what God has done in their lives to write a book and encourages every young woman to walk with God. May 29, 1993, JP's life was progressing well. Through an unexpected accident, her life was turned upside down. What the enemy sent to destroy her, God used to perfect her. Just when she thought she made it through the storm, another wave came crashing through. With each tumult, she learned to use God's provisions to steady herself. This book is an instructional manual on how to fulfill God's purpose. It teaches how the power of God can be revealed through fasting, praying, praise, and studying the word of God. This type of commitment will allow us to hear God's voice as he issues kingdom building assignments. Through JP's life story, readers are encouraged to seek the face of God, through all of life's situations.
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