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Not Determined To Be Happy

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Crowe, Dr. Bob (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General
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Accounts of Man's search for happiness a more ...
Accounts of Man's search for happiness are as old as recorded history. If we trace our steps to our current unhappy state, we may discover how we missed this elusive happiness which others seem to have. Can we simply choose happiness? Are there limits to this choice? Can we choose to control emotions which seem to prevent our happiness? How do our brain functions contribute to or detract from our emotional states? Can we harness the power of our brains in our search for happiness? We all want our choices to result in good consequences; how can we make this happen more often? Does some supernatural power dole out consequences? People make choices with which we strongly agree or disagree. What is God's position? Our individual and family lives are negatively affected by choices made by large segments of society. Can we help them make better choices? Dr Bob Crowe is a retired Air Force Officer. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University Of Maryland, Far-East Division, Tokyo while serving his Country. After retirement, he completed Ph.D. studies at the University of South Carolina while growing up with his children and teaching human relations courses at a local Technical College. Post Doctoral studies at USC led to his license as a Counseling Psychologist. Dr Crowe served as Staff Psychologist on the Mental Health Unit of a Regional Hospital for ten years and practiced privately for more than 20 years. He now enjoys writing, teaching in his Church and traveling as a Camper on Mission. Domestic violence, child abuse and parenting remain high on his list of concerns. Leisure time is enjoyed on Happy-Face Farm. He welcomes questions and comments at;
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