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A Great And Precious Promise!

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Jones, Elizabeth (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General
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What happens when you pierce the veil of more ...
What happens when you pierce the veil of the deeper, guarded and hidden meanings of the Holy Scriptures in an easy tone that is simple, engaging and accessible to seekers of all levels of spiritual understanding? Ready? Well expect profound changes, spiritual progress and a long sought peace promised to those who truly seek God with all their heart and all their soul. If you're open to partake of the Divine Nature then know that the book you hold in your hands is an invitation to have God's Grace pour over you blessings and joys beyond compare. You are invited to embark on Every Man's Journey to partake of A Great and Precious Promise! Elizabeth M. Jones has been an Ordained Minister teaching the Word of God since 1984. She has served as Associate Minister of two dynamic Inner City Churches in Baltimore, Maryland, later expanding her outreach through the design and leading of several highly successful Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation workshops, seminars and conferences throughout the Greater Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area. In addition to an Ordained Minister, Elizabeth is a successful organizational consultant, co-founding Aspects Financial Services, The Daniel Foundation and Beyond the Veil Ministries, Inc., established in 2001. Her commitment to furthering an extensive track record of impactful outreach for the edification of the Body of Christ has blossomed into her currently well-received, much in demand classes and seminars in the Hampton Roads/Williamsburg, Virginia area. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Daniel Foundation to provide educational and mentoring programs for at-risk youth. Email address:
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