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Confronting the Disclosure's of the Soul: Guilt, Anger, Fear

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Hanson, Robert (Author)
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Confronting the Disclosures of the Soul more ...
Confronting the Disclosures of the Soul - Guilt, Anger, Fear Hidden deep in our soul are some strong emotions waiting to be exposed. Guilt, anger, and fear are three powerful emotions that have a way of revealing some secrets in our heart. Behind these strong forces are issues that we need to address before they destroy us. For soundness of mind, we must confront guilt. Guilt addresses "discomfort" because it reveals issues of transgression that reside in the heart. For our own sake and the sake of others, we must confront anger. Anger addresses personal rights specifically "our rights" and the infringement upon them. To obtain a sense of security, we must confront fear. Fear addresses our "insecurity" resulting from a lack of control over situations or people involved in our lives. Each of these strong emotions have a powerful impact, we have to face what they are and deal with them in ways not natural to the thinking of man. (TO THE DESIGNER) with picture that should be on hand Robert A. Hanson has served as pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Plymouth, Massachusetts for thirty-five years. He also served as senior chaplain for Plymouth County Jail and Correctional Facility for twenty-two years. The Church under his ministry has enjoyed the blessing of seeing a number enter the ministry with ten serving as Pastors. Robert received his education at Providence Barrington Bible College, Talbot Theological Seminary, Los Angeles Theological Seminary, and The Graduate School of Theology in California. Beyond pastoring four churches in New England and California, he has taught in both college and seminary. His travels have taken him to many parts of the world including India as part of an extension-teaching ministry. Robert and his wife Barbara conduct "Straight to the Heart" and "Road to Renewal" conferences in various churches. The Hansons have five children and seventeen grandchildren.
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