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Spilman, Frances (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Living / General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Jacob-Israel God's Man Of Faith And Pow more ...
Jacob-Israel God's Man Of Faith And Power Loved by God and chosen while still in the womb, Jacob was born reaching out to claim the high calling of God on his life. His role in the Plan of Redemption was to father the nation through whom God would speak to a lost creation. It is time someone spoke a good word for Jacob-Israel, whose descendants changed the world! This book offers a refreshingly different view of this spiritual forefather of our faith. Over-emphasis on his morals has largely obscured his faith in God's promises which made him a channel of blessing to all people. Believers in every age who are used by God to further His Plan are, like Jacob, often misunderstood. An examination of his heart and motives explores the reasons why God's chosen instruments often suffer. Do we always reap what we sow? Are life's trials always the result of our personal sins? An avid Bible student from early youth, Frances developed a lifelong love of God's Word which has inspired her to write this book about her favorite Bible character. Frances lives in Springdale, AR near her 2 grown daughters; she also has a son in Houston.
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