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Exposed to Healing

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Harver, Laura (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Theology / General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Exposed to Healing is a life changing bo more ...
Exposed to Healing is a life changing book that uses poetry to facilitate healing. The arts and healing have been linked together since the Bible, as seen in the book of Psalms. David poured his heart out to God and found healing and peace through poetic words. As people have read Psalms throughout the ages, they have received healing. In the same spirit of the Psalms, I present Exposed to Healing to you. Just as David and many others since have cried out to the Lord through poetry, you can cry out to the Lord. He loves you. He is here to help you to forgive and make necessary changes in your life that will break patterns and cycles that do not work, so you can move on to be who you were created to be. Healing, love, and peace await you as you are Exposed to Healing. Laura D. Harver is a worshipper, intercessor, and a servant-leader who expresses the word of the Lord. She has a heart of a pastor, a great sense of humor, and an anointing for wisdom and counsel. She teaches practical biblical principles and ministers the word in power and demonstration. Laura has served in the body of Jesus Christ for over 15 years. She is a member of The Gate DC under the leadership of David & Tracy Ruleman. Also, she serves in the Healing Rooms of Washington DC. Laura has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and she is in the process of obtaining a Master of Social Work Degree. She shares the love of Jesus Christ and helps to transform lives, families, and communities. Laura is a catalyst that brings forth healing and aspects of the heart and mind of Christ through literature and other forms of creative arts.
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