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In The Name of Education

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Alexis, Jonas (Author)
RELIGION / Christian Education / General
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Xulon Press
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In The Name of Education is perhaps the more ...
In The Name of Education is perhaps the rarest book any will ever read on what is happening in education today. It maybe the best book that convincingly examines the crisis in education from a Christian perspective. Praises for In the Name of Education: ¿What Jonas E. Alexis is saying needs to be said; and what he is saying must be heard!¿ Dr. Thomas Simmons, social studies teacher ¿In the Name of Education is not only worth reading, it is worth believing, worth heeding, and most important, worth acting upon.¿ Dr. David A. Noebel, best-selling author of Understanding the Times ¿I have been privileged to read this outstanding book. The documentation and insights are superb. I will certainly recommend it to others.¿ Texe Marrs, best-selling author of more than 35 books ¿I am much impressed with the range of Alexis¿ thought and the extent of his reading. This book is obviously about much more than education¿¿ Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr, MD, forensic psychiatrist and author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. ¿This is an interesting and at the same time disturbing [book that deals with] disturbing issues that are penetrating our public school system.¿ Armstrong Williams, Radio Host ¿In The Name of Education takes its readers on an in-depth investigation of our public education system and proves it to be the battlefield of a culture war.¿ Finn Laursen, Executive Director of Christian educators ¿Alexis has written an important book.¿ Don DeYoung, Ph.D. in physics and chairman of the Department of Physical Science at Grace College, Indiana ¿`In the Name of Education¿ documents the weird and dangerous ideas that have put generations of Americans at risk, even as it points the way back toward genuine intellectual and moral reform.¿ Jim Nelson Black, Ph.D., author of Freefall of the American University ¿This book has so much information and documentation that is difficult to dismiss the themes.¿ Mary Gallimore, M.S., Social Studies Teacher
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