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A Journey of Healing the Damaged Soul: 15 Years Healing with Huichol Mara'akames

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  • Maka, Dominic (Author)
  • Jaichima, (Author)
  • Self-Help : General
  • Self-Help : Abuse - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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I thought my life was in no particular t more ...
I thought my life was in no particular turmoil when I first met Jaichima and Vicente in 1992. Retrospectively, I was lost, confused, and hanging onto life by a thread . . . a thread of delusions spun by suppression and repression and concealed by layers of addiction and denial.

Although college educated and successful, I was feeling increasingly frustrated, depressed and unhappy for unknown reasons. Moving from the Midwest to Arizona failed to effectively alter my disposition. Closing my business and quitting my job did not help. The truth remained concealed even after two years of intervention by the Mara'akames.

Slowly, via counseling, ceremonies and workshop involvement, the truth began to emerge. Thirty years of repression, addiction, denial and delusion, gradually surrendered their ugly tentacles revealing horrendous untreated childhood sexual and parental abuse. Untreated, the effects of my childhood trauma developed into a severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that has been expressed through unconscious imbalanced entity behaviors most of my life.

When counseling began, my life instantly unraveled. I became confused, angry and disconnected with the person I never knew or understood; myself. Though repression and denial saved my life, intervention unlocked the door exposing my damaged entities that were created during childhood, nurtured during teen years and perfected during adulthood absent counseling. These life-saving entities silently and unknowingly controlled my life.

Through the Mara'akames nontraditional intervention, guidance and healing techniques, my nonexistent spirituality gradually transformed into deep spiritual awareness. This spirituality became the essential foundation for my healing . . . and was rudimentary for unveiling my horrific past.

This candid story reveals how blind adulation of my father led to horrendous childhood sexual and parental abuse with subsequent complete repression and denial. It reveals my atrocious past, defines my entities, and discusses my healing process after thirty years of repression. It also elucidates the non-traditional healing techniques, foremost spirituality, taught by the Mara'akames.

Jaichima is a Mara'akame from the Huichol tribe called Wirarika of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. She has practiced ancient and traditional tribal medicine for many years in Mexico and the United States. She speaks numerous languages and has been a committed medicine woman all of her life.

Dominic Maka has been employed as a health care and vocational rehabilitation professional throughout his career. For ten years he owned and operated a successful consulting business. He has been married thirty years and is the father of three children.
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