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Poisoned Wine

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Davidson, CJ (Author)
Religion : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Historical facts about past empires exis more ...
Historical facts about past empires exist in many books and preachers write reams of material from biblical prophesies predicting a one-world empire, but few scholars mention the staggering events that bridge the gap between the old empires and the colossal end-time empire. Many people shy away from talk about a troubled future, but this harsh and ruthless government is coming anyway. A wise person will study all bits and pieces of related information to avoid being surprised when the end-time happenings begin to unfold. The end-time government will be a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire (800), which was a union of church and state ruled by a Roman emperor and a Catholic pope. Through the United Nations this revived religious empire will force all the people of the earth to give total allegiance and support to the False Prophet, the Antichrist, and the one-world government.

Poisoned Wine bridges the gap between the former Holy Roman Empire and the endtime world government. It delves into the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the pope's union with the German king, forming the Holy Roman Empire. This Empire was suspended in 1806 but was revived by the victors of World War II. Globalism and Catholicism now saturate the nations of the earth. World imperialism is just around the corner. According to the biblical point of view, the Roman Catholic Church will be very involved with the end-time Holy Roman Empire.

Caroline Davidson, a retired school teacher with a degree from UNT, has three daughters and twelve grandchildren. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, Texas, and enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, horseback riding, boating, and gardening. In the fall she usually goes to New Hampshire, her home state, to view the gorgeous multi-colored fall foliage. In summer she may go deep-sea fishing, picking berries, or collecting sand dollars and shells at the beach. However, eleven years ago things changed. She began to spend her spare time researching and writing a book. It began as a letter to explain the Apostolic doctrine to her eldest daughter who had grown up in church but could not distinguish the Apostolic doctrine from the Trinitarian doctrine. Soon it became evident that this explanation was far too lengthy to be contained in a mere letter. Thus, Poisoned Wine was born.
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