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For the Survival of Liberty: Great Presidential Decisions

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Klibanoff, Elton B. (Author)
  • History : United States - General
  • Political Science : Political Freedom & Security - Law Enforcement
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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For the Survival of Liberty: Great Presi more ...
For the Survival of Liberty: Great Presidential Decisions focuses on Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Lincoln, Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt as critical builders of American liberty. Elton Klibanoff shows how the life experience, character, and vision of these men resulted in six decisions that have been vital to liberty, both at home and abroad. These decisions established a strong federal government, dedicated to the general welfare and to equal opportunity. They also created an internationalist foreign policy that has been essential to liberty's survival.

". . . a coherent narrative about how presidential decisions of the past continue to affect Americans today . . . the path we have travelled is fascinating every step of the way . . . one hopes that books like this one can remedy deficiencies in America's teaching of its own history. . . . Klibanoff's accessible prose is straightforward and frank . . . this book makes clear that [the Presidents'] deeds and governing philosophies continue to affect the political landscape that today's voters are being asked to shape."
ForeWord Clarion Reviews

"Klibanoff is a confident, clear writer . . . The author's inclusion of quotes from each president's papers is a welcome addition and also lends his arguments added depth; it's refreshing to occasionally hear these historical figures speak for themselves."
Kirkus Reviews

Elton Klibanoff graduated from Brown University with Distinction in History and earned a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School. He has held leadership positions in Massachusetts government and in private industry and has pursued extensive study in American and European history. He is co-author, with Susan Klibanoff, of Let's Talk About Adoption, (Little, Brown, and Company), has taught at the graduate school level, and has written articles for legal and public policy periodicals.
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