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The Adventures of Flapjack: The Collar of Courage

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Cohen, Dan (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The Adventures of Flapjack - The Collar of Courage is the second in the Adventures of Flapjack series. The series consists of narrative poems about an intrepid Australian Shepherd who faces challenges similar to those typically encountered by children. The first in the series, The Adventures of Flapjack - Finding Where I Belong, published in March, 2013, involved issues of separation, adaptation and the value of enduring friendship. The second book addresses fear related to bullying, inner strength and self-esteem. Throughout the series, Flapjack faces befuddling circumstances and follows his observations with "...but I don't know why." This invites children to engage with Flapjack in reasoning through and resolving confounding challenges. Throughout his adventures, Flapjack remains positive, inquisitive and...well...adventurous!
With a passion for dogs and children, Dan embarked on a second career writing children's stories about a very special Australian Shepherd. He has worked as a state park ranger and patrol dog handler, environmental administrator, attorney and legal manager, and has enjoyed writing stories, poems and songs since he was a boy. When his family adopted an Aussie named Flapjack, Dan felt that this cunning canine had a story to tell. So, Dan merely took dictation from Flapjack, and a series of stories, The Adventures of Flapjack, was born. Each story is a narrative poem wherein Flapjack faces issues similar to those faced routinely by children. Dan's love of writing is exceeded only by his love for his wife, Kim, his two children and two grandchildren. Dan, Kim and Flapjack reside in northern California. Dan and Flapjack can be reached at Feel free to follow them on their website at http://www.; Facebook at and Twitter at Flapjack@aussiebytes.
Lisa Norman is a California-based illustrator, designer, printmaker, and educator with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Illustrating children's books has been one of her many dreams (come true). Her experience as an educator in the U.S. and Japan has inspired her to combine her two passions: art and education. She aspires to teach children using her artwork and her youthful approach to life. She loves spending time with her fiancé Tyler and their dog Pancho. For more on Lisa's art, visit
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