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Daddy's Girl: Learning a Woman's Worth from Your Dad

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Cook, Dupree (Author)
Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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God assigned women to be men's helpmeet- more ...
God assigned women to be men's helpmeet-but if a woman is emotionally damaged from her past experiences, how can she help someone else?
Using Bible-based Scriptures and real-life examples, Daddy's Girls reveals God's plan for His followers-both men and women-to reach their destiny and live fulfilling lives. It also reveals the devil's goal: to interfere in a woman's life, leaving her vulnerable and unable to fulfill the role God gave her.
With Daddy's Girls you'll learn how to free yourself from the past and reach places you never thought possible. Discover the tools to break free from old hurts, disappointments, failures, and tragedies that have held you back. God wants to lift the loads you have been carrying, to restore you to your original purpose, and He wants you to be happy. So take the First step toward healing with Daddy's Girls. And remember, this book can't teach you how to be a lady, but it can teach you how a lady should be treated!
Bishop Dupree Cook, the pastor of Right Spirit Ministries, is a native of Spanish Fort, Alabama. He is a multifaceted visionary, spiritual shepherd, teacher, entrepreneur, father, and husband who has committed his life to serving and helping every person, regardless of background or economic status, to achieve his or her fullest potential. Bishop Cook is a student of the word of God. He has received degrees of theology from Beacon University and Christian Life of Theology.
Upon receiving a vision from God, Bishop Cook founded Right Spirit Non-Denominational Church in 1992 in a small storefront church, pastoring a seven-member congregation. He= was ordained Bishop in January 2000 and is now the Presiding Bishop of Father's Arms Fellowship in Spanish Fort, Alabama.
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