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Interpreting Romans: The Apostolic Voice in the Postmodern World

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Wilmoth, Conley C. (Author)
Religion : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The effects of pluralism and diversity t more ...
The effects of pluralism and diversity that are accepted within our culture are contributing to a changing attitude regarding any absolute and universal truth. Christians need to understand the culture we live in and be prepared to restore a spiritually adrift humanity into the spiritual reality created by God. "Interpreting Romans: The Apostolic Voice in the Postmodern World" provides an examination of Paul's gospel with how Christians in the 21st century can respond to the significant challenge to the historic gospel.
Readers learn:
- There is a place to stand with the certainty of God's revelation in a postmodern and media-driven world.
- What Pietism is and what role does it play in today's postmodern world.
- To identify the "classic" concept of the atonement underlying the idea visible in the letters of Paul and the Patristic Christian writers.
- How the stronghold of legalism is overthrown by the Divine love expressed in Christ.
Scholarship grants the recognition of the historical certainty of Paul's existence, being the apostle of Christ, who writes of his conversion from Judaism and of his ministry of proclaiming Jesus as Lord. Like Jesus, Paul preached the Kingdom of God. Looking at Paul's ministry of the gospel as the kingdom in action, we are seeing the continuing action of Christ in the bitter struggle against the "strong man" that enslaves people in this present evil age.
Conley C. Wilmoth served as a minister for churches of Christ in rural communities in the Pacific Northwest for two decades, after he served a brief two years in the military. He later operated an independent financial consulting business. He has visited Jerusalem, Caesarea, Ephesus and other ancient cities of Paul's time. He began his fifty plus years of religious studies at Pepperdine College (now University). His first venture into writing was a religious column for a small town weekly newspaper. Wilmoth's approachable and patient temperament has enabled him to counsel and encourage a variety of youth and adults over his lifetime of serving. He is retired and lives in Yakima, Wa and enjoys his writing and the appreciation of art collecting.
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