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The Little Bucket

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Bates, Jeffrey (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Here's what some have said about The Lit more ...
Here's what some have said about The Little Bucket!
"Here's a charming little bucket full of wisdom. I love its message, rhymes, illustrations and colors! It pours out life lessons for people of all ages. You will enjoy dipping into this little book with your children."
Rev. Mary Henderson, Retired UCC Chaplain, Fredericksburg, Virginia
" many large psychological and deep spiritual truths in such a small and simple book. A child, or a bucket, can lead us."
Larry Pesavento, Psychotherapist, Director of the Christos Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
"This is a story that will naturally engage children. It will also inspire and instruct adults as they find their own sense of childlike wonder sparked and are drawn into an exploration of the deeper realities of life and human relationship. Be sure to explore the provocative questions Jeff asks at the end."
The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Hamm, Minister, The Christian Church (Disciples), Indianapolis, Indiana
"The Little Bucket" is filled to the brim with wisdom and charm. A beautiful reminder of the glories of sharing."
Philip Gulley, best-selling author and author of The Harmony series, Danville, Indiana
"Jeff Bates' use of rhyme and imagination creates a story to help readers of all ages look within themselves so that they can live life to its fullest."
Roxanne L. Pace, Children's Library Specialist, Brevard County, Florida.
Rev. Jeffrey Bates (BA Religion and Sociology Anderson University, Anderson Indiana 1985 and M.DIV. Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana 1990), lives in Cocoa, Florida with his family. He is an avid poet/reader/writer and firmly believes in the power of a story to change us and give us hope. Believing that poetry and art mediate glimpses of truth, he believes that the truth about our lives is more often "caught" than "taught." Poetry and art make it possible. One of his favorite teachers, the late Joseph Campbell, once said that "The best things in life can't be told. They can only be experienced. The second best things are in the talking about the things that can't be told. The next best things are what we talk about." This book attempts to help us feel and experience those things that are hard to talk about. Once felt, a new realization and conversation can take place with kids and adults. This book can help us make a beginning. In his spare time, he enjoys biking, photography, woodworking and splashing in the waves with his wife, son and daughter at Cocoa Beach.
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