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Peterson, Darin (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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These books are important for me for more ...

These books are important for me for a lot of reasons but the main is so I could feel useful. For a lot of years I was able to physically work hard and I loved it. But someone must have had different plans for me. Almost 20 years now I’ve been dealing with a degenerative sympathetic nerve disease. Its slowly been taking its effects and causes a lot of pain. The lead character Max has challenges of his own. People were dismissing his worth because a speech sound disorder made him talk a little different.
Just as I had to kind of reevaluate what I could do which was very hard for me. Realizing that my body was altering my life. Max had to look at his situation and tell himself he had worth others did not see. He first tries to get even with his fellow students. And in the next part of the series Max realizes that it wasn’t him at all and he would be himself from now on. He soon realizes that others began to see him differently as well. Indeed, he becomes a local legend and finds himself happy.

Darin Peterson and his wife JoEllen operate a farm on the Utah/Idaho border where they raise small grain and oilseed. They are parents to six children and as many grandchildren. As a small boy Darin struggled with pronunciation much the way the main character Max does.

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