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A Land Without Morning

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Ridley Kraft, Bonnie (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Afghanistan is the largest producer of o more ...
Afghanistan is the largest producer of opium in the world. The World Designs Ltd. organization intends to break the back of the illicit business by removing the head man at the Kabul cartel, Faisal Ratebzad. But once in Kabul, the operatives become entangled in an Afghan family's tragedy. Rashid Ahmadabadi has already lost one daughter, and now his second daughter has disappeared.
Soledad Garretson is a journalist who had worked in Afghanistan a few years earlier, and she has firsthand knowledge of the torture and murder of Ahmadabadi's daughter. Thus their mission changes, as they attempt to rescue one daughter even as they extract revenge for the murder of the other.
Book number four in the World Designs Ltd. series takes brothers Salvadore and Raúl San Martín to Afghanistan, and the war-torn city of Kabul. Accompanying them are Enrique Etchemendigaray and Jorge Grazzini, from the Gendarmería Nacional of Argentina.

Bonnie Ridley Kraft was born and raised in the town of Buffalo, Wyoming in the United States. She left there at the age of eighteen, and has rarely looked back. She was imbued with her love of travel, cultures and languages by her two sons, Adam and Jess, and this is reflected in her writing. Bonnie has traveled to many places in the world, both for business and pleasure. Currently, she is living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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