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If God Is My Father, Who Is My Mother?: A Spiritual Journey

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Fisk, P. J. (Author)
Body, Mind & Spirit : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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P.J. Fisk has mothered six children and more ...
P.J. Fisk has mothered six children and now grandmothers twelve. She raised her daughters within the context of a fundamental Christian church, based in the patriarchal systems of Bible and religion.
Paula has been an avid student on the topic of women and religion for over thirty years. She has pursued research into the history of ancient religions up to current times in an effort to understand the plight of the female in a predominant male system of religion.
Her personal stories are candid and relevant for women today in the 21st century. She speaks wisely about the gift that is female, and correlates profoundly the evolution of religious beliefs to the evolution of women within historical societies.
Paula lives in Colorado with her husband, Loren, at the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
If God is My Father, Who is My Mother? is a spiritual journey out of the depths of conservative patriarchy to the enlightenment of a Mother/Father God. Paula takes care to tell a story of family and church secrets without condemnation or blame.
She traveled this journey with many other sisters searching for truth and fulfillment in lives bound by age-old traditions of religious thought. Misogyny found in her home, church, and the schools she served, caused questioning that she could not satisfy.
Her story is about the education and guidance of female students at both the high school and college levels. It was during these tenures that Paula began to recognize the conditioning of females by a patriarchal society. She dedicated herself first to healing, and then to discovery and enlightenment.
Paula knows first-hand how research produces more questions, which lead to more study. Journey with her through this memoir of revelations, questions, and proposed answers.
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