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Sophia's Turn

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Manousos, Dave (Author)
Juvenile Nonfiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Will Sophia Break the Guinness World Rec more ...
Will Sophia Break the Guinness World Records Most Consecutive Pirouettes and Become the Spinning Queen? On March 30, 2012, ten-year-old, Sophia Lucia, dance star, model, entrepreneur and internet sensation_stepped out onto the dance floor to attempt to beat the Guinness World Records 36 consecutive pirouettes. Little did anyone guess she would far surpass 37 pirouettes and go on to achieve an outstanding 55 consecutive pirouettes, smashing the existing record and putting herself in the record books as the Spinning Queen. And this is the story of how she did it. Dave Manousos Inspired by the lyrical genius of John Lennon, the nonsensical writings of Lewis Carroll, and the colorful magic of Walt Disney, I realized at a nearly age I would one day fulfill my dream and publish my writings and drawings. Thus in 2004, I decided to write and draw for children. "Life is Good & Other Reasons For Rhyme" is the first of the "Life Is" series; with two additional titles "Life Is Weird & Other Rhyme For No Reason" and "Life Is Crazy & More Rhymes For No Reason" to follow. Other current works include: "The Land of Reverse," "Let's Go on a Letter Hunt" and "See Ball, Hit Ball, Run!" I am a member of The Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators.
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