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The Pulaski Chronicles

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Gover, Norman (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The complexity of the people who live in more ...
The complexity of the people who live in the regions around Pulaski violates expectations. The riches of their lives, their received and crated stories, cannot be denied. The stories in this volume illuminate many of the promises they make, as a people, every day to their children, to each other, to a larger imagination.
It is unavoidable that larger prejudices influence what many people think about them. These rich stories will help to put more than just flesh on their bones: this is where they assume largeness and personality. These stories are a triumph of tribute and recognition.

Norman Gover was born and raised in the foot-hills of the Appalachian Mountains. After leaving his home for Antioch College and the University of Chicago, he took jobs as a museum guide, a professional puppeteer in a miniature grand opera theatre, and a shipping clerk in a California book store. He stayed in the book world for almost 40 years - as bookstore manager, teamster warehouseman, wholesale buyer, and interested observer of the history of the industry. He has worded, more recently, for the American Heart Associated and the local Jewish Community Center in northern California. Since 2002 her has been principally occupied with wiring the stories that are included in The Pulaski Chronicles.
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