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Escape Dead Sky: Book Two of the Dark Wing Series: Long Live Lilly! The Beautifully Tragic Tale of the Dark Angels

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Keywell, Stacy Renée (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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She is not who she seems, but she holds more ...
She is not who she seems, but she holds the key to their escape.
An ethereal, feral vixen, or a myopic, clumsy daydreamer?
After suffering a near-death experience as a small child, Marabelle champions those in need. As her community labels her the lowest, maid-bound citizen, she plots to escape her lonely destiny. But when a plea for help triggers a deadly incident, her quest to save a friend foils her quest for freedom.
She is not who she seems, but she holds the key to their salvation.
A vigilant, cursed witch, or a lame, nerdy loser?
In a sleepy Michigan town, Lilly stands guard from afar, protecting the ones she loves from a menacing secret society. But when a cute new boy moves to town, one touch sparks buried memories that transform her lackluster existence for better or for worse.
Get ready for a wild, fast-paced adventure as the two tales merge into one epic journey to escape dead Sky.
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