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Bikers are Animals: A Children's Book on Motorcycling

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  • Jamiol, Paul (Author)
  • Habib, Linda (Editor)
Juvenile Fiction : Transportation - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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"BIKERS are ANIMALS - A Children's Book more ...
"BIKERS are ANIMALS - A Children's Book on Motorcycling" by Paul Jamiol is a unique and fun way to introduce young readers to the world of motorcycling. Using a menagerie of cartoon animals in motorcycle dress and riding "cool" motorcycles, the author shows children and parents alike that motorcycle riding is fun and that motorcyclists are intelligent, appealing, hardworking, independent and family-oriented individuals. They are concerned with helping others and working together regardless of who or what they are. The characters in this riding adventure speak to the child by what they do. Their brief little stories tell of what they love, and how motorcycles and riding enhance their lives and their relationships. The emphasis is on safety, working together and caring about yourself, others and your motorcycle. The animals are of different species and get along well, mirroring the human experience of understanding that the differences in people makes us all a little better. Some of the animals are large and some are small but their pride in what they do is evident. Each character has his/her own individual look and their own individual motorcycle. They ride, form clubs for fun, build motorcycles, and enjoy different rides for different reasons. The author refused to talk down to kids with this book. He uses motorcycling terms and descriptions all through the book. He tries to show the odd humorous side of each animal in both drawings and text. Each has a name as unique as who they are. There is a Motorcycling Tips page for kids from the Bikers are Animals Safety Team. Towards the end of the book, at the Bikers are Animals Garage, there is even a special section with line drawings of several characters. Here, the parent can photocopy the page for the child and give them a chance to use their creativity by coloring them in for themselves. Many in public view motorcyclists as big burly animals who care about nothing but themselves. In reality,it just ain't so. Jamiol's book shows both the parent and child that motorcycling is fun and that you absolutely cannot judge a person by who they are or what they look like.
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