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Journey to and Through the Second Death

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Scranton, J. Philip (Author)
Religion : Christian Theology - General
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Journey to and through the Second Death begins the study where it should-with the first death. Bible believers hold widely diverse opinions on the first death, so a solid biblical definition of death is established before inquiries into the second death are presented. Technical issues are addressed in common language. This study has two goals. First it seeks to bring the discussion of many unanswered and shadowy questions from the back of the mind to discussion and resolution. Where are the dead? Are they conscious? Is the second death a repetition of the first death? Is the lake of fire literal fire? Can spiritual beings be tormented by literal fire? Why is the lake of fire not named the second death until the great white throne judgment? The second goal of this study is to bring the reader to the apostle John's perspective. What did John see, and what do the things he saw mean? Phil Scranton is a graduate of Mid-Continent University in Biblical Studies, and pursued graduate work in Biblical Languages. He was pastor of two churches and has written numerous magazine articles, especially in Old Testament Studies.
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